Vazhaipoo poriyal/Plaintain Flowers Stir Fry
June 23, 2014, 1:27 a.m.

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The Joy of serving and having a healthy wholemeal cannot be explained in words. How do I make you feel that... Hmmmmmm..

Love of the Father God is written so beautifully in the Bible... "The loving father R-U-N-S to the stumbling dragging dirty prodigal son with stink of sin, smell of pigs, lipstick marks on the cheeks, drug needle marks in his hand... Hugs him tight... Kisses n Kisses... Gives him the best gifts of the house... "

Luke 15:11-32

Can the prodigal son ever go back again to his piggy past after tasting THIS L-O-V-E !!??  Succcchhhh an unconditional love..!!

Now, the Joy is piercing even my nerves ;)

The Joy of serving and having such a healthy whole love of the Father God also cannot be explained in words.

Now here is one of the total-healthy-lovey dish that I serve to my hubby, every monday..I choose monday for Spinach or Plantain flowers, b'cos you have time to clean and chop on sunday..

Spinach stays fresh in ziplock pouches in the fridge for a day. Unleaf (i.e remove leaves.. bad english,uh ?! ;) )spinach on sunday. Clean and chop on monday.

Plaintain flowers has to be cleaned using this procedure. Chopping is easy using scissors.


step by step tutorial below…


1. Clean the florets, chop them and put them in water with a pinch of salt.



1. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed skillet, tear and drop red chilly, the items to temper, onions and saute till brown.


2. Drain the water from the florets and add to the onions. The florets ooze out so much of water.

3. Saute them until the water gets evaporated. Add the spice powders and salt. Stir and cook them covered for the next few minutes.


4. Dig a pinch from the skillet, blow air to cool, put it in your mouth, check the salt and also make sure that it is cooked :)
5. Add coconut, stir well, cook for 2 mins and then switch off flame.


And, you are done....


My Notes:

1. Recipe variation - replace all the spice pdrs with 1 tspn pepper pdr.
2. Make sure that the water is drained well, because the florets ooze out water upon heat.
3. At the stage of adding coconut, you can omit it and make a mini-well in the skillet, add a egg, break them into egg kothu/chunks and stir it with the cooked florets.

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Detailed Recipe cards below...



Recipe Courtesy - Dear Mom

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