Popeye Detox Juice & Kent coldpressed juicer review
Sept. 17, 2016, 10:41 p.m.

Popeye detox juice & kent coldpressed juicer review

We ( foodie adam and cookie eve  ;) ) love our mornings to start under the tree shades, adjusting our socks n shoes, walking n jogging around the play ground watching kids to adults pushing each other in kabadi or football. And all of these followed by a tall glass of my popeye detox juice or a detox tea that the husband fondly prepares. Besides having spinach as the main ingredient, we call it Popeye juice for its lush green color. The idea of this green detox juice was sourced from one of the fitness facebook groups named Let's do it raw. The recipe went through several trials to suit our body needs, This not-so-yummy juice definitely makes you feel light and healthy to start off a morning. BUT.. the truth is, I stopped making it since past 6 months, owing to the large amount of time taken to prepare it in the morning hustle-bustle. 

Popeye detox juice & kent coldpressed juicer review

And last week, we had the Kent cold pressed juicer at home for review. Man, I loved this machine and I want to seriosuly start my juicing therapy all over again :D It is a cool gadget that one should have if you have an extra space in the kitchen or dining space. Here are my thoughts that I quickly penned down after juicing out two to three times with the Kent juicer.

Popeye detox juice & kent coldpressed juicer review

  • A cold pressed juicer does not use metal blades to squeeze the juice out of fruits/veggies. It is more of a crush and press process.
  • Therefore, the coldpress juicer machine does not produce much heat, thus keeping all nutrients of your juice alive for a long time.
  • The juices can be extracted and stored for 2 to 3 days.
  • Fans of popeye or green juice are sure to enjoy kent cold press juicer, as it can take out the best out of greens than the conventional juicers.
  • The best part of the kent cold pressed juicers is, almost zero-noise during the process. Turn the knob on, keep adding your ingredients and turn knob off once the juice and pulp is separate.
  • It also has a reverse knob like in any hand mixer, which helps in getting rid of any waste blocked or stuck at the bottom.
  • There are two varities of mesh filter with different degrees of porousness, thus allowing you to choose a less pulpier or more pulpier juice.
  • Kent Cold pressed juicers play the best role in making your nut milk like almond milk etc.
  • There are two collection jars - one for the waste and other for juice. And these two guys really give you that nothing-went-wasted sense of happiness ;)
  • The body is all well-built and looks sleek.
  • Cleaning is a bit mess like any other gadget. You definitely need some space to wash and dry the components. I am more conscious about my kitchen counter space ;)
  • Read more about kent cold pressed juicers here

Popeye detox juice & kent coldpressed juicer review



Handful spinach

Handful mint

Handful coriander

1 carrot

1 cucumber

2 garlic

1 inch ginger

1 tomato

half apple


Slice every ingredient in such a way that they fit the inlet tube of the juicer.

Place the waste and juice collection jars ready. Turn the knob on.

Add the ingredients to your juicer, the juice is ready in a couple of minutes.

Drink as it is, No straining nothing required. Simple, know? We loved Kent coldpressed juicer.

Popeye detox juice & kent coldpressed juicer review

If this review and the popeye detox juice helped you, please share your comments with us. 

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