Nalli Chukka Varuval
Sept. 4, 2015, 6:01 p.m.

Nalli Chukka Varuval|


Nalli Chukka Varuval or Nalli Chukka fry recipe with video and step by step pictures - Nalli bones are extremely healthy for the marrow inside. The delicious marrow is called as 'thokku' in tamil. Thought it is said that the marrow brings cholestrol, it is good for babies. Because the bone marrow helps in brain development strengthening the nerves and tissues. This is what the doctors say. I loved bone marrows as a kid. My mom used to scoop it out and feed us. We will never forget how tasty it was, with all the juices and aroma. And recently I came across a nalli dish in the famous madurai Kumar mess menu, which tempted me to try out something with nalli bones reviving my childhood memories. And here it is a delicious chukka fry :) Chukka is basically a semi dry version. Its a very spicy masala. Feel free to change or reduce the ingredients according to your spice levels. 


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Nalli Chukka Varuval


For Video recipe, click Nalli Chukka Varuval Episode of program


Marination time : 3 hours  |  Cooking time : 30 mins   |    Serves : 2 Adults


1/4 kg Mutton Nalli Bones with flesh
2 small green chillies chopped
Yoghurt 4 tbspn
Mustard oil
2 big Onions sliced
water salt

Meat masala powder - To Roast and grind into powder
1 cinnamon
1 star anise
1.5 tbspn pepper
1 tbspn saunf
4 elaichi
6 cloves
2.5 tbspn coriander seeds
4 red chillies


Step 1 - Dry roast, cool and grind the ingredients for meat masala powder. You can skip this process if you are using storebought powder.

Step 2 - Heat a kadai with 1.5 tbspns of mustard oil. Let it smoke. Once smoke comes, simmer the stove.

Step 3 - Add onions, Fry them until they are almost brown.

Step 4 - Add ginger garlic paste, green chillies, 2 tbspns of meat masala powder. Saute in medium flame until raw smell goes off.

Step 5 - Switch off stove. Transfer the ingredients from kadai to a plate. Let them cool.

Step 6 - Once cooled, grind them by adding little water.

Step 7 - In a bowl, add mutton nalli bones, yoghurt, ground paste. Mix well.

Step 8 - Let it marinate for 30 minutes to 3 hours.

Step 9 - Heat a cooker with 1 tbspn mustard oil until it smokes.

Step 10 - Add the mutton pieces only and cook them in oil in a high flame for 5 minutes.This helps to seal the juices.

Step 11 - Add the remaining marinade and 1 cup of water. Check seasoning and add salt.

Step 12 - Mix well. Pressure cook for 20 minutes in a medium high flame.

Step 13 - Once the steam is gone, remove pressure cooker. Heat the curry on a high flame until it reduces to your desired consistency.

Step 14 - Serve hot with rotis, rice. It tastes better after few hours :)


Choose nalli bones that are large in diameter, because they have more of bone marrow.

Please do try out this delicious nalli chukka varuval and let me know your comments. Your comments help me grow. You can reach out for any doubts via mail or FB msg. Also, do not forget to send a picture when you try them, so that I can feature your creation on my FB page :)

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