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Jan. 24, 2016, 2:49 p.m.



Hey' all! Hope 2016 is treating you well.. We are doing good, house has been completely restored after the flood disaster. Just before the floods, I had the opportunity to attend the food styling class by ace food stylist Madhuri Agarwal. And this post about the class is long pending. I have been wanting to share with you - my takeaways from her class and finally here it is.collage-mads1

Captured in Asus Laser Phone as she styled her yummy mawa pedas

    • The class started with identifying 'My style' of photographing the food, i.e the way I would like to see or show food.


    • Next, the styles were discussed extensively- From white on white to dark moody, drama shots. I tried a couple of shots which were reviewed with comments.


    • I have always been a fan of her moody shots and was looking forward to learn about them. She shared her tips and tricks behind styling a dark moody shot, making food - the 'Hero' of the shot. It was really amazing, learning them from the artist :) And the best part was, it was easily understandable and logical. What else a beginner like me, would expect from a class?


    • Next, the most important topic of the class was discussed - light. We went around the room while she explained step by step the difference in output that the light in each corner/part of the room could yield. Backlighting, toplighting, sidelighting, lighting on food only etc were demonstrated.


    • Finally the composition - She went in depth into this part regarding the eye movement ( how a human eye perceives a picture ), rules of composition, colors, props etc, and we spoke a lot about them over a good lunch, followed by more hands - on :)


Hands-on during the class : Dark/Moody shot


sambar-3Hands-on during the class : Bright shot


More than everything, I found a new energy motivation and love for styling food :)




Since then, I have been making practice shots whenever I find time. Of course, Practice is the key for any learning. And I have a long mile to go :) I will be adding the practice shots to my FB page. You can check them here and share your comments.

Paal Payasam-9peanuts-112peanuts-1121

My key takeaway  - Follow your heart !!! She repeats that every 30 mins... :)

I have always admired MAdaboutkitchen pictures/posts just like a kid in magic show. And this class taught, almost all behind the scenes of this magic in a simple intelligible manner. Check her page for updates on MAdaboutkitchen's food styling classes. 

Love & Shalom


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