Mushroom Oats gravy
July 12, 2014, 2:01 a.m.

Yayy!!Back to my baby after a long week :)I wish you sent me a "miss your posts, a sad face smiley msg" ;) I had an awesome week, how about you ? so this was special- we were busy hosting a surprise baby shower for a dear friend in our church.

A beautiful backdrop with pretty baby outfits pinned on a silk cloth line, a vibrant light setting, a tray full of glossy glass bangles, another tray full of assorted fruits, her throne for which the legs are crowded with plush toys and gifts, two gigantic gorgeous glass trays with the pink and blue cupcakes, pink and blue diaper dolls, an amazing prophetic painting by a 10 year old which we sticked to the cupcake table, all chairs lined up for the audience aaaand the aroma of hot chicken curry n roti ready to be served for dinner. Wonderful know?

She entered the hall with eyes wide open and threw a glee on everyone in the room and of course more on her hubby ;) This is how the function started.

I must definitely write about how the function ended. Of course, dinner. Before that, there was a wonderful msg on supernatural childbirth shared by one of our dear aunty. A new term, is it ? With God, you can always go all out and aim high. Yes, for a no-labour and a painless childbirth too !! Get your copy of supernatural childbirth by Jackie Mize, you will be amazed at their testimony and how they landed in finding the treasures behind the scriptures. The Bible is full of scriptures about children. And

Bible says - there will be neither male nor female barren among God's people.

Wonderful promises from the most faithful gentleman Mr.J ( thats how I call my daddy God when I feel soooo good about HIM ) Any man/woman can take God's word and change his/her circumstances through faith and prayer. I believe someone reading this came here for mushroom oats gravy but, you wanted this too!!


Here you see what you will need..


Here is what you will need to make a smooth paste..



1. Make a fine paste with the items to grind. First without water, then add water little by little.



2. Clean the chopped mushrooms by soaking them in hot water with little turmeric for one minute.



1. Heat oil in a heavy bottomed pan, add oil/ghee, slit green chilli and the big onions. Fry them until they turn golden.


2. Add in the tomatoes, little salt and cook in a low flame for the next two minutes


3. Add the oats and give it a nice stir. Add 4 tbspn water and cover it cooked in medium flame until the oats become soft.


4. Add red chilly powder, coriander powder. Give a nice stir.


5. Now add in the mushrooms and stir them in a medium flame for the next two minutes.


6. Add the ground paste and give it a boil for the next 5 minutes in low flame. Add coriander leaves to garnish.


A total healthy tasty sabzi ready.. Goes well with chapathis/rotis/phulkas/pooris.


Detailed recipe cards below...


Recipe Courtesy - Health - Cookery show hosted in a tamil channel

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