Kerala Style Paneer Pirattal
March 30, 2017, 8:28 p.m.


Crunchy paneer cubes fried in coconut oil and tossed with spicy masala in an ethnic kerala style

Kerala style paneer pirattal

WELCOME ! WELCOME ! WELCOME! Hello dear readers. Amidst your busy schedule thank you for visiting your favourite Foodie Adam and Cookie Eve. Ready for a PIRATTAL ? Or wondering what is a pirattal ? Today am gonna make you make this rustic Kerala Style Pirattal made with paneer. I swear you cannot make a spicy vegetarian meal any easier. I've cooked paneer in a variety of styles like Spicy Kadai Paneer, Paneer butter masala and even shared with you the making of Homemade flavoured paneer, but this dish stays close to my heart due to its easiness in making and also you can substitute paneer with a variety of ingredients like chicken, choya chunks, mushroom and prawn. So single recipe multiple dishes. Got it!

This dish was atually taught by an old granny in who's cottage we stayed during our trip to Wayanad. Apart from her master skills in cooking, what drew my attention was the large kitchen in her house. I still remember the way how it was divided into two halves. While one half houses a firewood stove and various clay pots depicting her traditional way of cooking, the other half leaves way for cooking using modern methodology. A variety of dishes including Kappa Biriyani, Payasam, Kallu Makkai Fry are done in this firewood stove. Well even this Paneer Pirattal, when cooked in firewood stove in a clay pot is said to deliver its best taste. The balanced taste got from the clay pots together with the smokey aroma from the firewood stove just elevates its overall taste. So even if you have any one of the above, either a firewood stove or a clay pot do not hesitate to use it, for together with a good meal you could also make cooking a fun filled exciting work. So next time when you plan a backyard barbeque, do cook this rustic Kerala Style Paneer Pirattal for your veggie buddies.

And now about the dish, this dish is just as simple as its name PANEER PIRATTAL. It doesn't require any extraordinary ingredients. Just the pantry constituents are enough. And again, since this is a kerala style dish, am using coconut oil, those against it can use refined sunflower oil or gingelley oil and if tha's the case I GUARANTEE NOT SOOOO GOOD (licking kind- of ) RESULTS. For the spices, turmeric and chilli powder will do the magic. So one important difference from the so many other dishes is that here we use GINGER - GARLIC - CHILLI paste. So while grinding ginger and garlic do add two medium sized green chillies. Just a pulse or two in the mixer grinder would do to provide you the course texture. It should not be a fine paste. The cooking time is relatively less so whenever you want to prepare a lavish delicious vegetarian dish in a quick span of time, then here you go - PANEER PIRATTAL is your suitable candidate. Ok so no more rambling; lets get on to the work.

Kerala style paneer pirattal 


Course                : Main

Cuisine               : Kerala

Preparation time   : 5 minutes

Cooking time       : 15 minutes

Servings            : 5 people



200 grams of paneer

2-3 large onions -  finely sliced

1 teaspoon ginger- garlic-chilli paste 

A pinch of turmeric powder

1 teaspoon red chilli powder

8 - 10 curry leaves


curry leaves

coconut oil

salt as required



Step 1: In a heavy bottom pan, heat some coconut oil. In the heated oil add paneer cubes and roast them until they attain a nice golden color on all sides. This roasting makes the paneer cubes crispy thereby giving a crunchy feel while eating. Once roasted, remove them from pan, strain the excess oil and keep them aside.

Step 2: In the same pan, add little more coconut oil and add the sliced onions and saute it. Finely sliced onions make sauting easier. Meanwhile add one teaspoon ginger - garlic - chilli paste. The paste should be coarsely ground. Add the required amount of salt and saute further.

Step 3: When the onions turn golden brown along with the ginger garlic chilli paste add one teaspoon of red chilli powder and a pinch of turmeric powder and continue saute-ing.

Step 4: Add very little water -  some 3 to 4 table spoons of water would do. now when the masala is slight saucy add the roasted paneer cubes and heat the masala in high flame until all water gets vaporized and only the masala is left coated over the paneer cubes. Sprinkle some curry leaves over the dish and your paneer pirattal is ready.

Lent days remind us of the simplicity of living and makes you realize The One above all. During these days when we fast, we take only vegetarian food. But due to the crazy non veg cravings deep inside the heart, we prefer mock meat ingredients. Yes exactly - mushrooms, paneer and soya chunks. Due to the simplicity in making, this tops the list of Easy - To - Make - Nonveg like -  Veg dishes. So people, do try this recipe and capture it and please do post it with hashtag #foodieadamcookieeve. I would like to see your creations and give a virtual hug.

 P.S: Do comment the memories associated with your favourite dishes. Lets have some story time.

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