Happy Birthday FoodieAdamCookieEve - 1st Anniversary
June 19, 2015, 8:03 p.m.

Milagu Thokku -10
Its been a wonderful ride, adding weight to my memories bag. There is sheer joy rewinding these 365 days. I am very glad that I made this decision!  Check out my very first post here.

Months before I began blogging or I thought about blogging, I was into a baking marathon. Right after I had completed my baking course and right before I wanted to venture into commercial baking, my oven conked off. It broke and the situation at home was not good to replace it with a new oven. I had to wait, wait.. It was tight, uncomfortable, not peaceful and that is when I heard the Pastor say in Sunday sermon “If you would like to minister in China, at least go to a Chinese restaurant” That moment was the birth of my baby blog and she is one year old today :) The moments of joy, happiness she bought to me are priceless and I cannot thank God enough for them! 

I am happy that I have made progress in Cooking and photography since day 1. Experience in first food styling project, star chef contest, TV shows, My mom is master chef are unforgettable.

What's new on the blog - My mom is master chef, Indian Thali Ideas

Recipe that earned humongous response - Vazhai elai eral biriyani/prawn potli biriyani

Recipe that never failed any reader and certified awesome every time - Kadai Paneer

Recipe/Post that won hearts of many readers - Garlic Pickle

Recipe that earned many appreciation - Homemade KFC Chicken

Cookie Eve's favorite recipe on the blog - Mutton Chukka

Foodie Adam's favorite recipe on the blog - Shahi tukda

Enough of blog bragging, I think :) On the personal front, You know something! Mom dad isn't happy about me blogging because they see blogging, an additional burden to my workload. They could not accept the fact that blogging is my "me-time" :) That's their sheer love & care for me :) I am blessed with friends who  always put me on right track in terms of writing, photography. I cant thank enough my family for sharing their age old recipes which are my treasure now. Blogging opened to a world of new friends, thanks to our Chennai food bloggers group on whatsapp, anytime ready to clarify the silly doubts of a beginner :) Above all, my dear H, I have written enough about him :) The pillar of my blog :) I cannot thank God enough for all these wonderful people in my life, who are interested in my interests :) 

Heartfelt thanks to you :) 

Love you all :) 


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