Best ever Whole Wheat Banana Bread
March 24, 2017, 5:48 p.m.

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread


 Pamper yourself with the Maida baby soft cake like bread











Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

                        Wondering why this nursery rhymes in a food blog. Don’t get confused my pretty, lovely wonderful readers who missed me last week. Sorry guys couldn’t make a post last week as my schedule didn’t go as planned. So, to be back with a bang and to be sweet as ever, I’ve come up with a sweet recipe. Not a sweet but a snack. But in contrast with the rhymes, it is not cake but bread and you are the baker. GOT IT. COME ON get ready to bake the BEST EVER, SMOOTH, and SOFT WHOLE WHEAT BANANA BREAD. Before proceeding to the recipe I want to answer some common questions that arise within you.

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

 What type of bananas should I use? 

 Now time for some story. Imagine a situation, where you return to your home after some, say two days picnic. You organized everything before leaving, like switching off the gas, keeping all fruits in refrigerator, locking all doors. But to your shock, there in the dining table, in a secluded corner is a bunch of bananas – long forgotten, black in color and in an almost dying condition. You would be in turmoil, not ready to throw it away neither are you willing to eat it. After a small internal battle, you mostly throw it away, scolding at your memory for forgetting it. NO MORE THROWING AWAY. People, they are not a waste to throw. They are the most important ingredient for today’s recipe. So whenever you see such bananas, you should immediately bake this banana bread.

 How could a bread be soft without maida?

 Next you may wonder how bread could be soft without maida. Well the hack I’ve used here is substitute maida with OAT FLOUR and WHEAT FLOUR. This 1:1 mixture of oats and wheat flour acts as a good substitute to MAIDA. Moreover whenever you add fruits as an ingredient in baking, it adds to the softness of the end product. So OATS FLOUR + WHEAT FLOUR + BANANA= EXTRA SOFT BREAD. So this is my success formula. Do follow it people ;-)

 Why coconut oil?

             I already told you about “ Indian super foods” book in my Chinna vengayam muttai masala. So, influenced by Rujita Diwekar and also by old Kerala style baking, I have used coconut oil in this break. Also there exists a good chemistry between coconut oil and banana resulting in a perfect blend of flavors resulting in a good end taste. This is proven by a lot of Keralite dishes like nenthira pala chips, Nenthira pala nerachathu all of which come under the famous “4 o’ clock snacks”  ( 4 mani palagaaram). This banana bread is one such snack. People who don’t like using coconut oil, you can use rice bran oil instead. But best results come with coconut oil. GOT IT ;)

             Every vacation carries hundreds of memories and so each of my recipe. While travelling to Vayanad during my holidays, I carried along with me two whole loaves of this bread. I thought I could have it during my entire journey, but before I could reach Vayanad, all of us we finished the loaves within minutes. The hurry in eating each slice so that we could get one more slice just proved the taste. I guess I should have carried more. Even my friends who avoid eggs in their daily meal, praised the softness and taste of the bread saying they couldn’t find even traces of egg odour due to the combination of banana and coconut flakes.

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

             If you are still not convinced, a good description about this snack will make you all try this recipe. The crust of the bread is of dark brownish burgundy color. To add to it, the texture formed by the grated coconut flakes sprinkled on top of the bread makes you mouth drooling. This bread can be baked with an extra banana topping, i.e. you can either keep a banana as a whole or in round slices on top of the bread batter or bake it altogether as a whole. This adds to the whole aroma and also enhances the texture and softness. Please note that once you use banana topping, the bread needs to be stored in a refrigerator in an airtight container for edibility. If no banana toppings, storing in refrigerator is not required. It is this shelf life of upto one week is a great advantage. So whenever you are hungry, GRAB A SLICE.

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

 Have you ever been to Old Madras Baking Company in Mylapore, Chennai. I say, the carrot cake here is AWESOME. But the only hesitation in having that is , it is a bit of oily L . But I swear, this banana bread can give you the same softness and sweetness but man this is not that oily .  HEY COMMN YAAR. I’m not boasting. It is just that I cannot stop explaining this melt in mouth – smooth – soft – tasty – etc etc . homemade banana bread OK !!

 So no more waiting, the recipe has arrived for the best ever whole wheat banana bread :)


Ø  Course             :           snack


Ø  Preparation time         : 10 minutes


Ø  Cooking time   :           60 minutes


Ø  Serving            :           10-12 slices



·         ¾ cup of whole wheat flour


·         ¾ cup of oats flour ( finely powdered oats )


·         1 teaspoon baking soda


·         ½ teaspoon salt


·         ½ cup of coconut oil


·         ¾ cup of sugar


·         1 teaspoon vanilla extract


·         2 eggs


·         4 medium sized ripe bananas


·        3 to 4 tbspn coconut flakes




Step 1: Pre-heat the oven, for it provides the right temperature and the dish can start cooking immediately and properly. Also pre heating takes some 8 to 10 minutes approximately, so by that time we can prepare the batter.


Step 2:  In a bowl, take coconut oil and sugar and beat it either using a beater or whip until the entire mass becomes pale yellow. I have tried one-time, skipping this beating process and it did not turn out as soft as it was in the other attempts, So I warn you softly, that its necessary to beat well at this stage.


Step 3: Add the first egg, beat for a while. Add the next one and continue beating.

            BEAT. Then BEAT. Again BEAT. Continue BEATING. Please don’t be lazy here. So beat until you get a little fluffy mixture.


Step 4: Add vanilla essence for flavoring.


Step 5:  Side by side, in a sieve put wheat flour, oats flour, salt, baking soda and sift all these together. This ensures that all the four ingredients are evenly mixed to enable uniform baking.


Step 6 : Now add this flour mixture into the bowl. Now you should STOP BEATING. Fold the flour gently into batter without disturbing the bubbles formed during the inital egg-fat- sugar beating process.


Step 7 : Mash the bananas with a fork, Fold in the mashed mixture into the batter.


Step 8 : Now mix the coconut flakes and alternatively you can sprinkle some coconut flakes on top with a half cut banana topping, sprinkled with sugar. yumm :D


Step 9: Now take the bread tin or tray and line it with baking paper and fill with batter. Once baked, you can pull this lining to get the bread as a whole loaf.

            For those who are lazy and don’t have baking paper, apply oil or butter on the tray’s inner surface and sprinkle some flour and dust the tray. Now fill it with batter. Once baked, turn the tray and tap it behind to get the bread as a whole loaf.  WHEN THERE IS A WILL THERE IS A WAY ( HA .. HA.. ;-p)


Step 10: Once finished lining with either baking paper or flour fill it with batter and place it in the pre heated oven. Note : please fill ony 3/4th of the tin or tray for the batter heaves up during baking.


Step 11: Bake the bread at 175 degree Celsius for 55  - 60 minutes and your bread is ready. HURRAY !!!

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

             This is my favorite office snack. Even though they provide hot n spicy samosa for 4 o clock office snacks time, I am a fan of my perfectly packed homemade snacks. Nothing beats HOME-made. I love sharing them with my colleagues. I bake this bread frequently for it just takes 10 minutes to prepare the batter. While it gets baked in the oven, I tend to my other chores and hobbies. Once baked, two slices of this bread with masala chai beat any exhaustion caused by work and they enhance my mood. So guys now, it’s your time to bake it and boast to your friends.

Best ever soft crumbly whole wheat banana bread

 P.S: people do comment the times when you found the black bananas at home, and the dishes you make with it. Also, when you try this recip do post your photos and tag #foodieadamcookieeve. I would like to see your creations and give a virtual hug :)



















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