Chinna Vengayam Muttai Masala
March 3, 2017, 9:50 p.m.

Crunchy egg slices roasted in tomato onion gravy


Chinna vengayam muttai masala

Crunchy egg slices roasted in tomato onion gravy


This ad exactly explains my current situation. While the tele ad advertises its prioritized products, I just wondered how many of my readers would have missed me. To say the truth guys, I really missed you all and to cut the edge, I missed myself, the blogger me. Being Missing In Action for nearly three long months, I miss Mrs. Jofy the food blogger. Thank you people, for patiently waiting and peeking through my blog to only find no new updates, the disappointment evident through the pings of my friends who pried me when would be the next update. Sorry guys for the long wait. I had to take a long long long leave to set things straight in my life. I needed vacations to revitalize myself and also to take a break from my daily routine life. But never did I ever forget my Foodie Adam and Cookie Eve. You are of course of top priority ( winks ;-)) I really REALLY missed you people. It just feels like meeting your classmates after a lengthy vacation. Happy reunion. :-)

                It was during this time that I started reading this wonderful book by Rujuta Diwekar, “Indian Super Foods”.  Man, what a marvelous work explaining the current trend in diets and the way she differentiates the myths and facts we follow in our lifestyle. Well,  for people who don’t know her, I guess, she being the nutritionist for celebrities like Katrina Kaif, would be a good intro.

                Before we could proceed towards today’s recipe, I better finish this lecture soon, I want to share what made me select this recipe. All of us would like to have a healthy meal that also meets our taste criteria. But the common mistake we commit here is, the way we ignore the local ingredients i.e that grow locally in our own soil. The book just inspired me arousing the questions of “ oh ! why didn’t I note this earlier ?”

                All she says in the book is about the abundant nutrients in local products like the spices we get here, the plants and fruits that grow in our backyard. To put it in a nutshell, consume the local produce which requires just our own natural climatic conditions for survival rather than the ones that are imported or got from very long distances. People, our parents, their parents and our ancestors all grew up eating such food. They never had brocollis or kiwis or even apples. All they used for cooking were ghee and gingelly oil and stuffs like that.

                Many say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But the normal fresh gooseberries from our backyard are more nutritious compared to the apples that lose its nutrients by the time it arrives from Kashmir to the south. Apples are really good, if eaten as early as possible after harvest.

                So I guess enough of book promo, back to work Jofy. Yes from what i’ve read, am gonna use local ingredients staring from coconut oil, onion and tomato. While most of us use coconut oil for grooming, we rarely use it in kitchen. The reason being its high price and moreover some of you don’t like it’s smell in food. But I guarantee you all a rich dish using coconut oil and to add the cherry to the cake, it has a multitude of health benefits next to mother’s milk, well as told by my AMMA. So no second thoughts in using it.

                One of the main villain here, well it is not onion, but peeling it. Note the point your honor. One day before trying this out, put on your favourite KSeries episode in your system and peel your onions while watching it. I swear, by the time it is over, you will have more than enough of peeled onions . YES . Now all you need to do is store it in an air tight container in the refrigerator. Got it. Good. The genius of you might ask, “Jofy, why not use big onions instead of small ?”Well good question though. You can use it, it does give you good results, but the richness comes with small ones. Also garam masala can be used as a substitute for curry masala.

Crunchy egg slices roasted in tomato onion gravy

                To say about this dish, the bright reddish color itself would be a good appetite inducer, capable enough of finding even your long lost appetite. When you give this meal to someone who hates the smell of onions, without hinting its ingredients, you will only a get an empty bowl in return, for even the slightest smell of onion gets disappeared in the myriad of aromatic coconut oil. Also please use hard boiled eggs, for it should stay strong during the roasting and mixing processes. Chappathi, poori, Idly, Dosa, Aapam, Idiyappam all go hand in hand with this prince charming tasty egg gravy. What makes it different from my other egg recipes like Thattukada mutta biriyani and muttai paniyaram kara kuzhambu, is the simplicity in cooking and especially the relatively less number of ingredients used. If you do this once, you can repeat it again without any memos.

                Hey I forgot to tell an important point guys. Well this dish requires patience while sauting. The essence of this dish lies in this part of cooking where you need to take it slowly since only then the raw smell of tomato and onion disappears. IDEA !!! why don’t you sing your top 3 favorite songs without worrying about others. So saute until you finish the 3 songs completely.  DONE  DANA DONE  ;-p

Crunchy egg slices roasted in tomato onion gravy

So here comes the long waited Recipe of Chinna Vengayam Muttai Masala

Course:Side dish  |  Cuisine: Indian

Preparation Time             30 minutes   |    Cooking time: 15 minutes   |    Servings:5 people


1.       300 gms of sliced small onion

2.       8 hard boiled eggs

3.       3 finely chopped medium sized tomatoes

4.       2 teaspoon curry masala powder

5.       1 teaspoon red chilli powder

6.       A pinch of turmeric powder

7.       A handful of small sized curry leaves

8.       Coconut oil for sauting

9.       Chopped coriander leaves for flavoring

 Guys, I am working on a recipe video and that's why you see here no step by step pictures. The video coming soon!!!


Step 1 Heat some coconut oil in a pan and once when heated, sprinkle a handful of small sized curry leaves in it and wait till it pops. 

Step 2 After tempering, put the sliced onions in the pan and slow cook it in low flame. The main purpose of a low flame is to attain perfect sautéing.

Step 3 Once the onions attain a golden brown color, add the masalas – curry masala powder, red chilli powder and turmeric powder.

Step 4 At this point you can see the oil slowly rising towards the rim of the pan, so now its time to add the tomatoes. They should be chopped finely to enable faster sautéing. Add little crystal salt as required to the tomato onion mixture and continue sauting until the entire mixture becomes a bright red gravy.

Step 5 Side by side prepare 6 to 8 hard boiled eggs and slice them into 4 parts.

Step 6 Now add the sliced eggs in the gravy and roast it for one minute.

Step 7 After that add 4 table spoons of water and cover it with a lid and continue cooking in low flame for five minutes.

Step 8 So finally sprinkle a handful of chopped coriander leaves for flavoring and switch off the flame.

Crunchy egg slices roasted in tomato onion gravy

This is one of the best lunch-box tiffin, meaning even hours after cooking, its taste remains same just like a freshly cooked meal.

 P.S : Do try out this mouth drooling spicy indian recipe and comment to me your experience in peeling the villain, of course our onion, and sauting. Also post comments about the different techniques you used while doing so. HAPPY COOKING. And please do tag me #foodieadamcookieeve when you post pictures of your creations in instagram or facebook. I would love to see them and give a virtual hug:)   

#FoodforSoul - Words of encouragement today from Joel Osteen for you today especially. What is taking years, God is doing in a fraction of second. He does not change HIS promises. Every disappointment, every delay, every closed door is not a set back. It is a set up for God to get you where you are supposed to be. What you used to be excited about might look like not possible now, but get your passion back. Right now. There are seeds of greatness in You planted by the Creator in You. You are a person of destiny. Do not believe the lies of enemy. The enemy targets people who have a dream. He will use all the disappointments, hurts to bury your dream. When you are a dreamer, you are dangerous to the enemy. Here is the most important thing. he will work overtime trying to convince us to give up. When negative things happen, Please do remember you are on way to your dream. It is all part of the process. Remember your promises from God. God is leading you everyday directing you to your destiny. When God puts a dream in your heart, there might come plenty of oppurtunities that come in the journey to disappoint you. But dare to test Him, Believe Him and let Him fight your battles. Quit worrying about things that are temporary. Glory is eternal. There is something about the disappointment in your journey disturbing your heart as you read this? Remember it is all part of the process. Keep moving forward and keep thanking God for He is leading you to your destiny. YOU ARE NOT ALONE, my friend :)



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