5-Ingredient Dulce de leche Elaneer Kulfi
April 22, 2017, 11:40 a.m.

5-ingredient dulce de leche elaneer kulfi


Turn off your summer boredom and beat the heat with the easy to make 5 ingredient elaneer kulfi, seasoned with dulce de leche.



While this reminds you of a kulfi wala trying to gain attention by ringing bells and screaming his delicacies' menu, no wonder these names would have left you mouth watering. Sorry guys, my exact intention is to make your finger licking good not only by eating kulfis but by making you to master the art of preparing kulfis just with 5 ingredients ---> dulce de leche( I'll explain later), whipped cream, coconut cream, elaneer (tender coconut water), elaneer vazhukku( tender coconut pulp). Dulce de leche is a confection prepared using milk and sugar. To add a pinch of ethnic touch to this foreign delicacy, I've added elaneer and elaneer vazhukku. The crunchiness provided by the frozen coconut pulp together with the flavor of elaneer enhances the entire taste of this elaneer kulfi thereby escalating its quality to a completely different level.


While you can escape the intense heat of the sun by hiding within the roof of your house, how can you escape the boredom with just television and mobile. Yes of course it is with this rich and creamy, delicious home made Elaneer Kulfi. Just imagine you watching IPL or one of your favourite romantic KDrama with kulfis in both your hands together with a freezer packed with some more. Well that's the perk of making homemade goodies  - quality + quantity. Why just imagine when you can jump into action. But before jumping do learn about the 5 different ingredients that we'll be using in this recipe.

 5-ingredient dulce de leche elaneer kulfi


Dulce de leche is a caramel like confection made using milk and sugar. Well traditionally, it is made by boiling milk with sugar in a low and controlled flame with constant stirring until it attains a nice brown color. But this method is a tedious process to be honest. Also you can make it by boiling condensed milk can in a sauce pan for roughly one and a half hour. But to save gas and time, do follow this simple hack that I've mentioned below. People I promise it's easy and please don't hesitate to try it.

Step 1: Take two cans of condensed milk and peel of the label from the can . Don't open the lid by any chance.

Step 2: Take a pressure cooker of approximately 10 litres and fill it halfway with water.

Step 3: Drop the cans in the cooker so that they are submerged completely.

Step 4: Close the cooker with the lid and put on the whistle weight.

Step 5: Now pressure cook the can of condensed milk in medium flame upto 4 whistles.

Step 6: Now remove the cans from the cooker and open the lid. WARNING !!! Do not try to taste it. Else you will finish the cans even before trying the recipe for you cannot resist the velvety silk like dulce de leche. ;-)



The next part would be making of whipped cream from low fat 25% cream. Making whipped cream from low fat 25% cream is a bit difficult and the market price of such cream is also high. So to be in budget lets try this following hack to perfectly make whipped cream from low fat cream.

Step 1: Take a carton of cream with low fat content.

Step 2: Cut the top of the carton and refrigerate it for a minimum of 4 hours.

Step 3: This cooling helps us separate the thick whey that forms on top of the watery cream below.

Step 4: Scoop the whey from the watery part. This remaining watery part can be used for cooking gravies and curries.

Step 5:Now transfer the whey to a bowl that has been kept in a freezer for about one hour.

Step 6: Now keep the bowl of thick whey in ice bath. Preparing the ice bath is easy guys. Just take a similar bowl of water with ice cubes. Now place the bowl of whey on top of the ice cubes and the ice bath is ready.

Step 7: Now for perfect whipping this temperature has to be maintained. So don't forget to add ice cubes then and there to the ice bath.

Step 8: Whip the whey using a beater or hand whisk.

Step 9: When the cream doubles its volume, your low fat whipped cream is ready.


Sometimes the cream may not be that stiff. That may be due to whey not being seperated properly or ice bath not proper. So do take care of minute details to attain perfect whipping.



When you allow the first milk of coconut to settle, you can find a thick mass floating above leaving a watery base. Skim this thick whey on top and transfer to another container and your coconut cream is ready.



Get a tender coconut from a roadside vendor and ask him specifically for the one with more pulp. Once you transfer the coconut water in a container do scoop the pulp and keep it aside.


So guys enough of learning. Lets get to the climax.

5-ingredient dulce de leche elaneer kulfi


400 gms of dulce de leche

30 -40 ml of tender coconut water or elaneer

200 gms of whipped low fat cream

3 -4 table spoons of tender coconut pulp or elaneer vazhukku

2 -3 table spoons of coconut cream



Step 1: In a bowl take 400 gms of dulce de leche.

Step 2: Add elaneer and mix it well with dulce de leche.

Step 3: Now add 2 - 3 table spoons of coconut pulp and mix everything will until they all get blended together. Don't break or mash the pulp for they provide the required crunchiness.

Step 4: In another bowl. take the already prepared whipped cream and add 2 - 3 table spoons of coconut cream and whip it together .

Step 5: in this creamy base add the dulce de leche -  elaneer -  elaneer vazhukku mixture and mix them uniformly and thoroughly with a hand whisk.

Step 6: Now pour this mixture in kulfi molds and freeze them.

 Once frozen remove them from their molds and your elaneer kulfi is ready. You can have it topped with chocolate sauce or you can sprinkle grated nuts over them and have them as you wish for its all yours and only yours.

This dulce de leche elaneer kulfi is one of my friends' favourite ice- creams. When I asked them to taste it for the first time, they enquired where I got it from so that they could buy there. But once they knew who the chef was and what the recipe is , their surprised expression is something I'll never forget. So apart from my other dessert recipes like dark chocolate cake and Kesar Rasamalai,  this Elaneer Kulfi  is a must in their menu list for all get togethers. So viewers do try this lip smacking recipe and post your photos with #foodieadamcookieeve in facebook. BON APPETITE 



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