Tamil Muslim Style Nei Choru
Nov. 18, 2017, 5:30 p.m.

Tamil Muslim Style Nei Choru

 Tamil Muslim Style Nei Choru

A traditional South Indian Festive dish to make your meal a grand one with just a handful of ingredients.

 Every picture we capture virtually holds onto a chain of memories associated with that period of time. Each photo in our album tells thousands of tales. Separating a memory from a picture is impossible, such as separating a tradition from a region and so is a cuisine from a culture. When it comes to a feast in South Indian Muslim families, the menu is never full without Nei Choru. A feast always includes it. Be it a marriage or a get together or any pre - post celebrations, Nei Choru has been prioritized as the grand meal just like Biriyani. Especially Kayalpattinam marriages are well know...

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How to make the best vegetable cutlets
Oct. 31, 2017, 9:32 p.m.


How to make the best vegetable cutlets

A ready to make all time crispy snack to fulfill your daily nutrition need.

A snack - crispy one - tasty one -  healthy one - spicy one - children's favourite - easy to make -  anytime snack. If you are in search of a snack that fits all these criteria, then I guess you are on the right page. Yes guys be ready to hack your meal with this easy to make vegetable cutlet. Be it a cozy evening with splattering raindrops outside the window or a sudden arrival of guests or friends - never hesitate to amuse them with this crispy crunchy vegetable cutlet. Well the actual credits really goes to Steffi. Inspired by the original recipe from Madras Samayal, I guess this is one of the basic methods and I swear ...

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Kerala Special Beef Curry
Oct. 29, 2017, 5:17 p.m.


A classical Keralite special Beef curry with beef submerged in a pool of aromatic spices.

Kerala special beef curry

YAY it's raining, it's raining. Yup people, our most awaited monsoon has arrived and so is our next recipe - BEEF CURRY. While beef has now become a controversial topic preceding serious discussions and debates in the desi region, we the foodie gang lets keep the arguments aside and focus on our taste buds and tummies. Yes people, a hot 'n' spicy curry is what everyone desires especially with our monsoon on its perk. Be it Idly or plain Rice or Chappati, this Kerala Style Beef curry suits well with anything and everything. So do not forget to make it in sufficient quantity and then do not worry about upcoming meals, coz...

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Leftover chicken maggi
Sept. 28, 2017, 10:02 p.m.

 Left over chicken maggi

It feels sooo good to meet you all in this space after a long time. Life has been going though lots of changes and haven't been able to spend time on my blog. So, today I decided to logon, wave a hi to you and share a simple quick and a delicious mouthwatering recipe, no matter all of you would love to taste :) Yes, a maggi recipe :)  My husband being a fitness expert, spends at least 2 hours everyday in workouts, but then he takes every food in moderation even some cheat foods. I am happy to have him advise the same to us. However I miss the workout part many a times ;) It was quite a news for me that fat content per maggi pack is 11 to 13 gms which I am okay to enjoy once in a week for a busy weekday :D :D A quick read on ...

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Pidikarunai poondu kuzhambu
May 11, 2017, 8:02 p.m.

A south indian spicy garlic curry made with boiled yam


a simple way of cooking a complete meal with pidikarunai- a meal where taste meets health.


Hello lovely readers, with Agni Nakchathram on its perk, I guess all of you would have dumped yourself within the air-conditioned rooms of your houses or office. Man its really really very HOT.But still you could beat it a little with the 5 ingredient elaneer kulfi.I hope all of you would have tried that and sorry guys for the time gap since that post. This week I've come back with an authentic South Indian more like Thamizh cuisine recipe -  Pidikarunai Poondu Kuzhambu or what you call Elephant yam garlic curry in English.

While the crazy kid within us wants to have yummy ta...

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